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Using the HWeb Reservation Manager by The Hudson Group you can enter a reservation exactly as your clients would enter it. Come back and try it again, and again if you wish. If you use a valid email address, you will get an instant email confirmation when you are finished.

NOTE: This system is for Demonstration Purposes only


The Hudson Group offers a customized web reservation system for your business that will enable your clients to create their own reservations online and then submit directly into ALERT.

Through the power of the HWeb Reservations Manager, clients visiting your website will have the ability to select a link that will take them to a fast and efficient web reservation system that has all the branding and appearance of your current marketing website. Clients will see the vehicles and services you offer and your current rates and schedules. They complete the airport, as-directed or point to point booking quickly and easily. When they finish the booking process they are presented with a confirmation screen that concisely reviews their reservation details. Within seconds they will also receive an email confirmatin. If a chage needs to be made, clients may connect into your system once again and revise or edit their reservation details (if you permit).

When your rates change, you can login to your web reservation system and edit them easily and on your own, without any involvement from The Hudson Group.

Do you have corporate accounts? You can provide your key accounts with customized web reservation "portals" that make your web reservation system appear more like THEIR web reservation system. This engenders loyalty to your company and increases reservation volume.

We invite you to take a tour of Hudson's HWeb Resrvation Manager right now. If interested, please follow the link to the demo page on The Hudson Group website.

Click this link to view HWeb Reservations Manager Demonstration!


Tired of answering the phone in the middle of the night to take a reservation?

Let The Hudson Group show you how to satisfy your clients needs while allowing you to get a good nights sleep! Directing your clients to your web reservation system is efficient and cost saving. Try these two simple tips to drive your reservations to the web:

  1. Remove your company telephone number from your web site. When people find your site, they can book online without any need to call you.
  2. In your office: Let an answering machine screen your calls. In your greeting, you can say: "Thank you for calling ACME Transportation. For our lowest fares, and to place a reservation right now, please visit our webiste at"

We have more ideas for you as well. Give us a call and we would be pleased to help you increase your business and work SMARTER not HARDER!

How it works Your customers will access your web site and follow a link to a reservation page. After the reservation is complete, they receive an email confirmation.

In your office, you have a computer that is running BOTH the ALERT reservation system and the HWeb ALERT Bridge application. The "Bridge" will connect to your Internet reservation system periodically (from every few minutes to every couple hours - as you prefer) and will download any reservations that have been made. Previously recorded reservations will be ignored, but new reservations will be added to your ALERT database and are immediately available for editing or dispatching.

If you wish to monitor incoming web reservations, the web system can be configured to send you a copy of the email confirmation that was sent to your client at the time of booking. You can also log into the web reservation system from anyplace you have Interent access and can monitor reservation activitiy.

Additional offerings by The Hudson Group,

designed specifically for users of ALERT

  • Web Reservation Systems
    Take reservations online, 24 hours a day. Works with airport, as directed and point to point travel
  • Database Backup and Recovery Sytems
    HWeb Safety Net backs up your reservation and accounting records every day. When disaster strikes, Safety Net keeps your business going.
  • Online Hosting
    Have tired or obsolete computers? With Hudson's online hosting, you connect to a state-of-the-art server via the Internet and run your business online from anywhere in the world.
  • Credit Card Processing
    The Hudson Group can help you process credit cards electronically, via the Internet, from within the ALERT system.

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